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menuUAP-IW-HD Quick Start Guide

Package Contents

Cover Plate
Back Plate
Wall-Mount Screws (Qty. 4)
Torx Screws (Qty. 2)
Phillips Screws (Qty. 2)
Torx Security Screw
Phillips Security Screw

Installation Requirements

IMPORTANT: The UAP-IW-HD requires a UniFi Switch with PoE for power. Passive PoE adapters are not recommended.

IMPORTANT: UniFi Network Application v5.7 is recommended for managing the UAP-IW-HD and is available for download at: ui.com/download/unifi

System Requirements

Hardware Overview

Back Panel

PoE In + Data

10/100/1000 Ethernet port supports data and 802.3af PoE input. The UAP-IW-HD itself requires 11W.

802.3at PoE+ input is required to use PoE passthrough. Connect this port to a UniFi Switch with PoE that is connected to your LAN and DHCP server.

Bottom Panel

PoE Out + LAN 1

10/100/1000 Ethernet port supports data and PoE passthrough (requires 802.3at PoE+ input). The maximum PoE passthrough output is 12W.

Note: To power and connect an 802.3af device to the LAN, you must use 802.3at PoE+ input.

LAN 2 - LAN 4

These three 10/100/1000 Ethernet ports support data only. Used to connect client devices to the LAN.


The Reset button serves two functions for the UAP-IW-HD:

  • Restart Press and release the Reset button quickly.
  • Restore to Factory Default Settings Press and hold the Reset button for more than five seconds.

Side Panel

Security Screw

(Optional) The Security Screw secures the Cover Plate after installation. You have the option to use the included Torx (shown) or Phillips Security Screw.


Security Tab

In addition to the optional Security Screw, the Security Tab helps to secure the Cover Plate after installation. If you need to remove it, use a flathead screwdriver to depress the Security Tab while detaching the Cover Plate:

Back Plate

The Back Plate offers a variety of mounting holes for use with different wall boxes. Here are a few examples with the appropriate mounting holes outlined in blue:

USA or China


Hardware Installation

An electrical wall box should be pre-installed with an Ethernet cable running from the box to a UniFi Switch with PoE.

  1. OR

  2. Optional





139.7 x 86.7 x 25.75 mm
(5.5 x 3.41 x 1.01")


210 g (7.41 oz)

Networking Interface

(5) 10/100/1000 Ethernet Ports



Power Method

802.3af PoE Supported
802.3at PoE+ Supported

Power Supply

UniFi Switch (PoE)

Power Save


PoE Out

48V Passthrough (Pins 1, 2+; 3, 6-)

Max. Power Consumption


with PoE Passthrough 23W*

Operating Frequency

2.4 GHz

5 GHz

Max. TX Power

2.4 GHz 23 dBm
5 GHz 26 dBm


2.4 GHz 2 x 2
5 GHz 4 x 4

Max. Data Speed

2.4 GHz 300 Mbps
5 GHz 1733 Mbps

Antenna Gain

2.4 GHz 1.8 dBi
5 GHz 4 dBi

Wi-Fi Standards

802.11 a/b/g/n/ac/ac-wave2

Wireless Security

WEP, WPA-PSK, WPA-Enterprise


1-Gang Electrical Wall Box (Not Included)

Operating Temperature

-10 to 60° C (14 to 140° F)

Operating Humidity

5 to 95% Noncondensing



* Requires 802.3at PoE+ switch.