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Package Contents

airFiber AF-11G35
Upper Mount Bracket with Elevation Rod
Lower Mount Bracket
Pole Clamps (Qty. 2)
Azimuth Support Brackets (Qty. 2)
RF Cables (Qty. 2)
Large Carriage Bolts (Qty. 4)
Small Carriage Bolts (Qty. 2)
Serrated Flange Bolts (Qty. 4)
Bolts with Washers (Qty. 4)
Serrated Flange Nuts (Qty. 6)

Antenna Compatibility

The airFiber AF-11G35 antenna is designed for use with the airFiber radio model AF-11*.

* Check your local/regional regulations for the allowable antenna gain allowed for your application.

Installation Requirements

Hardware Overview

OMT (OrthoMode Transducer)

The OMT has two ports used to attach the RF cable(s) from the radio. The OMT is also used to change the polarization from H/V to ± 45º.

Metal Cap

For SISO mode, this cap must be installed on the unused OMT port.


The OMT (OrthoMode Transducer) is located on the back of the antenna. The default polarization is H and V.

Note: If you only need to use one port, keep the other one covered with the included Metal Cap.

To use ±45° slant polarization:

Note: ±45° slant polarization is not permitted in all regulatory regions. Please consult local regulations.

Hardware Installation

  1. Note: For SISO mode, use the RF connector (H or V) as determined by your licensing. Keep the other RF connector covered with the included Metal Cap.

  2. Connect the RF Cable(s) (one in SISO mode, two in MIMO mode) to the radio as shown below.


  1. Note: Hand-tighten the nuts.

  2. Secure the free end of the ground wire to a grounded mast, pole, tower, or grounding bar.
  3. WARNING: Failure to properly ground your airFiber radio will void your warranty.

    Note: The ground wire should be as short as possible and no longer than one meter in length.




811 x 811 x 460 mm (31.9 x 31.9 x 18.1")


Mount Not Included7.14 kg (15.74 lb)
Mount Included11.85 kg (26.12 lb)


10.3 to 11.7 GHz


35 dBi

HPOL Beamwidth


VPOL Beamwidth


Maximum VSWR


Wind Survivability

200 km/h (125 mph)

Wind Loading

1538 N @ 200 km/h
(346 lbf @ 125 mph)


After Rotating OMT± 45°

Cross-Pol Isolation

35 dB


Uses the AF-5 Mounting System

Pattern Regulatory

ETSI 302 217-4-2, Class 3 and FCC Cat B